Blush Products

image of film wax and strip wax
For waxing services we use a film wax (sometimes called a hard wax) for sensitive areas, such as bikini and face. It sticks to the skin similar to the way a band aid sticks to the skin, shrink wrapping around the hairs, leaving the skin less irritated.

A creamy strip wax is used for body surfaces such as arms, legs and backs - it traps those tiny, hard to get hairs. Sanitation is of utmost importance; no double dipping.

image of bottles of Tonic 86, which helps prevent ingrown hairs and razor burn.We've been using these products for a while and now they're available for sale at Blush Ink & Waxing Boutique: Babe Lash Serum & Mascara to enhance natural lashes, and Tonic 86 helps prevent ingrown hairs and razor burn.

Gift Certificates
Looking for a sweet treat for someone special - try a gift certificate! Available in any amount that fits your needs. To save you time we can mail them, just give us a call.