Serious About Safety

Blush is serious about everyone's health and safety. In case you missed our email, here's some information you might find helpful.

Dear Lovely Clients,

The State of Colorado and Sola Salons have a few new requirements for salons during the Safer at Home Order. I have outlined these below so that you’ll be familiar with them before I see you (appointments resuming May 9!). Keeping everyone safe and healthy is my highest priority. ❤️

What Your Appointment Will Look Like

    • The salon doors will be locked; 📱 please text me at 303-947-3037 when you arrive and I’ll text you back when I’m heading to the entrance to let you in.
    • Because you are receiving a high-contact service I’m required to perform a wellness screening at the entrance which includes taking your temperature with a temple (forehead) thermometer. The thermometer is disinfected between each use. Anyone who has a temperature 100.4 or above must leave the building.
    • Only you and your service provider are allowed in the salon suite.
    • All clients are required to wear a mask or face cover at all times. This means that temporarily I can’t provide lip permanent makeup nor wax around the nose or mouth.

Good to Know

A few things I’ve done, and will continue to do, to keep everyone safe and healthy include, but aren’t limited to:
    • All service equipment is sanitized after each use or disposed of if it’s single-use.
    • All financial transaction equipment is sanitized after each use (I also use Venmo for contact-free transactions).
    • I’ll perform a health screening check on myself every day using the State of Colorado Health Screening Form.
    • I’ll be wearing a mask or face covering at all times.
    • I’ll be wearing gloves and washing my hands and changing gloves between each service.
    • I’m only allowed to perform services that can be done without my client removing their mask.
    • I’ll never come to work sick or if I have been exposed to someone who is sick, and I’ll reschedule appointments right away if that happens.
    • Sola Salon common areas are disinfected and sanitized frequently.
    • I’m Barbicide Certified (which means I’m dedicated to providing safe services in the salon).
These new rules are in place to keep everyone safe. I can’t wait to see you! If you have any questions as always please contact me at 303-947-3037.

Trista Yetsko
Owner, Blush Ink &Waxing Boutique