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Permanent Makeup - Eyebrows
2 hours and 30 min+

Brows are a specialty at the boutique. Microblading, powder shading or a combination of both will be used to create your desired look, whether it's natural and subtle or big and fluffy.

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Permanent Makeup - Eyeliner
1 hour and 30 min+

Blush offers two options for eyeliner, top only or top and bottom.

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Eyebrow Wax
30 min

We turn hair into art, working with bushy brows, thin lines, and everything in between. Some clients need basic touch ups and others want to try out a very different shape. Either way, Trista will work with you to wax your brows to create the style you desire.

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Brazilian Wax
45 min

A Brazilian wax is our other main focus! Stop shaving and start waxing for a cleaner look. No more spots or itchy stubble. Your appointment will be discrete with the least discomfort possible. You can leave as little or as much hair as you want front to back.

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Facial Waxing
15-45 min, depending on the service

We also offer waxing for your lip, chin, sideburns, ears, and nose - alone or as a package offer. Extra attention to detail is taken with such a visible, personal area.

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Lash and Eyebrow Tinting
30 min, depending on the service

Tints for your eyelashes and brows are done in one easy appointment. Small adjustments can make your light lashes appear strikingly dark and voluminous. We can more closely match your brows with your hair or skin tone, too.

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Body Waxing
time depends on the service

Additional body waxing services offered at Blush Waxing boutique include your neck, underarms, half arms, full arms, shoulders, half legs, legs, half back, back, bikini line, and French bikini. Body waxing can be especially useful for constant beach-goers as well as those with darker, thicker hair. While most of our services are offered exclusively to women, we do full and half arm waxing for men.

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Package Offers
You can choose individual offerings with our services or combine several options through one of our cost-effective packages. For example:

  • While you’re getting your lip waxed, why not do your sideburns and chin as well?
  • When you have a beautiful new colored tint on your lashes, match that with something to switch up your brows.
  • Consider booking an appointment with Trista to wax your whole face, including or excluding brows.
  • Or, if you’re having your legs waxed, get a Brazilian or bikini wax at the same time.
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Treat yourself during every trip to the Blush Ink & Waxing Boutique.