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Whether it's your first time getting waxed or you'd like some waxing advice you can find tips on this site or send a message to Trista. Blush Waxing uses tried and true products that produce long-lasting results combined with techniques that are gentle on the skin.

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There's a reason Blush Waxing Boutique has 4 and 5 stars-it's really THAT good!
I'm a natural redhead so that means blond eyebrows and eyelashes. I've been getting my brows shaped and tinted for the last 20 years or so and I've had some great estheticians who not only know how to shape my brows, but also tint them so they blend with my hair without being too matchy if you know what I mean. Some have been great and others not so much. I'm happy to say that Trista does an amazing job with brow shaping and tinting! In fact I've started tinting my eyelashes because does such a great job with the color. Additionally, she's friendly and fun to chat and makes the 45 minutes I'm there enjoyable. Yes, getting waxed can be an enjoyable experience when done by the right person.I'm a believer and have become a regular at Blush Waxing Boutique because Trista really is as good as it gets.
5 stars, Amanda T., Denver, CO, 11/23/2014
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Trista is talented and super sweet! I came early to my appointment and she accommodated me no problem. I was getting my brows waxed here for the first time. It was for my wedding so I was nervous, but Trista made me look amazing. I will definitely be going back to her!
5 stars, S.S., Denver, CO, 9/19/2015  
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Best waxes ever. Trista is awesome. I've had waxes several places in several different cities: Trista is the best ever. She's friendly, professional, and fast (and if you get waxes, you know how important speed is!) She uses excellent products. I've never thought twice about how clean and hygienic her place is. And I'm always happy with the result. If I could leave six stars, I would.
5 stars, Hadley M, Denver, CO, 8/18/2015
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Having moved to town recently, I was trying to find all new people. Trista was fabulous.  She explained what she did to make sure that the process was safe and as pain free as possible, using hard wax, never double dipping into the wax, using gloves throughout the process. It was fast and as painfree as possible. Plus the price was very reasonable for a brazilian. Highly recommend her!
5 stars, Dawn D., Denver, CO, 7/22/2015
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If you're new in town and wondering where to go for a Brazilian, or you're a first-timer, you can stop looking. This is it. Trista makes it as painless as it could possibly be, she's friendly and chatty and distracts you so well that it's over before you know it.
5 stars, Adrianne E., Omaha, NE, 7/10/2015
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