Blush Ink & Waxing Boutique Experience
We know that you want someone you can rely on for permanent makeup and when you get waxed – no harsh treatment or judgment allowed! That’s exactly why our mission is to foster a friendly, safe atmosphere at Blush.

image of a waxing salon interior including counter and table, Blush Waxing Boutique
Blush Waxing Boutique
We want you to look forward to every appointment, and we achieve that with our welcoming environment, high-standards and thoughtful consultations.

Blush Ink & Waxing Boutique is proud to offer an environment and services that help you to be happy in your body! Our goal, when you leave, is that you really love the skin you're in.

Products & Advice 
If you have any questions about permanent makeup, waxing or your experience at Blush, contact Trista and take a look at the permanent makeup FAQ or waxing advice sections of our site. Blush Ink & Waxing Boutique uses tried and true products that produce long-lasting results combined with techniques that are gentle on your skin.